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Dimitrov and Partners Law Firm provides adequate legal solutions for each case entrusted to us, fortified by individual approach for every business.

Our clients can arrange meetings in advance during the week, and in urgent cases they can contact us in the weekends and non-working hours, too, through the website contact form in the Contact section or the e-mail. The lawyers from Dimitrov and Partners Law Firm provide legal statements and participate, upon clients’ request, in negotiations before the signature of contracts on their part.

Our team provide legal analyses and participate in negotiations at clients’ requests before agreements are reached.

Our lawyers have certificates and expertise in relation to the consulting, documentation drafting and checks on data protection compliance according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Regulation (EU) 2016/679. The law firm has acquired its expertise in projects carrying out the preparation of documentation on the full data protection compliance of companies doing business in sectors such as machinery, energy, hotel services, banks and finances.

Through the years the Firm has worked on various projects and transactions. It has participated as a partner in Balkan Lex Law Company and has provided legal consultancy on a project funded under the Environment 2007 – 2013 Operational Program of National Park Central Balkan. The Firm has also taken part in the formation of a consortium between ŠKODA JS a.s. and EGP INVEST, spot. s r.o., in the negotiations with ESKO Engineering JSC regarding the conclusion of a subcontractor agreement, as well as in the preparation of the complete documentation for participation in a public procurement procedure, announced by the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste, and financed by EBRD, with the subject of Treatment of wet solid waste. It has provided consultancy services on a transaction between CEZ JSC, Prague, и „EVROMETAL“ Ltd. with the subject of purchase of circulation pumps for a nuclear reactor.

The Firm is in partnership with law offices from Europe, South Africa, North America, Australia, South America, Asia. The Dimitrov and Partners clients can rely on English and Russian as working languages.


LAW of Obligations And Torts

Our lawyers have expertise of long standing in the drafting of all kinds of contracts and agreements as well as in the negotiation process that leads to the contracts.

The Law Firm team undertakes extensive research of already concluded agreements and takes consideration of breaches, failure to fulfill contract obligations, enforcement/non-enforcement, voidability of contracts and contract clauses, conditions to terminate contracts, etc.

The lawyers from the team are with solid experience in the area of the torts law, including torts due to medical malpractice. Law firm attorneys have successfully led such a noteworthy case in Bulgaria against Tsaritsa Yoanna hospital about the death of a child four years of age.

Property Law. Real Estate

Our legal team is with broad experience in all kinds of contracts that transfer real estate and property rights over real estate. Our lawyers participate, consult on and draft and prepare the documents for deals with real estate for residence, offices, land for commercial purposes, industrial terrains, agricultural land, etc.

Our lawyers do profound research on the real estate property right and the restricted property rights; the urban and cadaster status of the real estate; the legitimacy of the buildings and facilities; check-ups for property burdens/ restrictive covenants in the Real Estate Registry, check-ups for State or municipality rights over the estate, third party claims over the property, research of the possibility the estate to be acquired by prescription.

The lawyers from the firm provide consultations on issues, related to the application or change of detailed urban plans and/or cadaster maps for real estate; issues, related to procedures for change of the real estate purposes; defense against administrative acts for change of current urban plans, cadaster maps and specialized maps.

Our legal team consults on and drafts the required documents, including, but not limited to – contracts, needed for the projecting process and construction, leading into exploitation of buildings and facilities.

Our attorneys at law represent our clients in negotiations before banks or other institutions, which finance deals with real estate.

Our lawyers provide legal court representation on cases about property, restricted property rights, real estate partition, breached possession, borders disputes, etc.
Our legal consultants advise on the consequent property management, including when block of flats and joint ownership are concerned.

Corporate Law And Commercial Deals. Insolvency

Corporate Law

Due to the globalization, it is more often that companies decide to relocate and/or expand their businesses. Our team is ready to meet their needs in the fast changing environment.
Our lawyers advise on all aspects of corporate law. The Firm has been involved in drafting legal assessments and analyses of non-banking financial institutions and banks, as well as of companies (due diligence), such as Samkov Invest Ltd., Piraeus Bank Bulgaria JSC., Albo 2003 EOOD, Energy Solutions Ltd., ENPRO Consult OOD, etc. We prepare all the documents for the incorporation and registration, preregistration, restructuring of companies, including M&A, including the sale and purchase of businesses of companies, where as well we provide consultations for the above business solutions. Furthermore, we offer legal services for company meetings – documents, protocols, dispute resolution between directors/shareholders, between them and the company. We are experienced in the legal audit as well.

Our lawyers provide services in regard to the lodging of annual financial reports of the companies.

Commercial Deals

Our legal team drafts commercial contracts and bills of exchange. We provide consultations on the local and international commercial law in respect of the principles of entering into international commercial agreements. The lawyers draft legal analyses on concluded deals. We represent our clients in negotiations till the entering into contract.


During the last years the number of insolvency cases has increased steeply and so we strive to be amongst the leading law firms in the matter, providing legal advice and legal representation in the insolvency proceedings.

Our lawyers have become versed through the years in the insolvency and bankruptcy processes of companies, banks and financial institutions.

The Firm has been involved in the bankruptcy procedure of one of the largest construction companies in Bulgaria, Elit Story EOOD. It has prepared the respective documents and has supported the submitting of creditors’ claims of the world tour operator Thomas Cook gone bankrupt in 2019. It has done litigation on disputes between Feral and Co JSC. /b./, Piraeus Bank Bulgaria JSC., now has merged with Eurobank Bulgaria JSC., etc.

We undertake the legal court representation in the insolvency process and in the concomitant litigation of abrogation actions.

Finance, Bank And Insurance Law

Our client’s businesses are related to financing from banks and various funds. The last programme period 2014-2020 of the EU funds presents its challenges, particularities and specifics. The number of bank products and services for legal entities and persons is increasing all the more often in order to meet their needs.

The law firm members provide legal services and consultations as well as work and consultancy on the registration of financial institutions and licensing of payment service providers in accordance with the Law on Payment Services and Payment Systems.
Among our team are lawyers who have experience with the bank bankruptcy in Bulgaria from the 90-s of the previous century and the recovering period in the bank sector afterwards. Through the years we have supplied legal services to banks and non-bank financial institutions.

Our legal team is well aware of the regulatory base of the bank and financing sector and has gained experience in corporate finances, securities, including mortgages and pledges, project financing, company refinancing, debt restructuring.

The capital markets in Bulgaria as everywhere in the world have particular legal framework. The non-bank companies and pension funds have their own share not of small standing with its specifics as jurisprudence decisions and as participants. Our firm’s lawyers do legal consulting in its entirety of the matters of structuring, financing and the applicable regulations in the field. Our team supplies legal aid and advice from the very beginning of the credit process, the credit obligations restructuring, credit risks analyses, check-up of credit obligations.

Our lawyers have experience in the protection of clients’ interests in their relations with insurance institutions. The attorneys undertake the representation through the resolution of court and out of court disputes; the law firm members have experience in actions against insurance companies in Bulgaria.

Through the years and presently the Firm advises and provides litigation services in civil, commercial and administrative cases to Central Cooperative Bank JSC., Piraeus Bank Bulgaria JSC., Eurobank Bulgaria JSC., Armeec Insurance JSC., etc.

In the area of financial institutions the Firm provides services to companies, operating as financial and payment institutions by performing registration procedures, procedures for capital increase and other amendments related to the declared main data.
In the area of accrediting, including the consumer credits, the Firm has consulted and defended the legal rights of its clients, enforcement proceedings have been initiated, has advised the conclusion of cession contracts, debt remission, etc.

Tax, State Insurance, Labour Law

The tax and insurance system of every country is related to a number of rules that constitute a base for its stability. Often there are great many methodical instructions from the tax administration on the interpretation and the application of the tax and insurance legal norms. The stability of companies lies on the labour relations.

The lawyers of the firm, working in these areas, conduct consultations on all aspects of corporate taxes, VAT, health, social insurance and income tax. They rely on their broad experience in the double taxation avoidance agreements in order to find optimal solutions.

It is worth to mention in this regard that the Firm has participated in the elaboration of the complete documentation concerning the implementation of double taxation avoidance agreements between Bulgaria and other states, and has provided litigation services in tax cases.

Dimitrov and Partners Law firm prepares the administrative and judicial review of various tax acts.

Customs Union. Free Movement Of People, Capitals And Services. Migration

The Customs union is of the exceptional competence of the EU. It is related to a few basic regulations and directives, and for third countries Conventions and agreements are to be applied. The lawyers, specializing in this field, render an account to the changes from May, 1st 2016 in the EU customs legislation.

Our attorneys at law have extensive experience in the procedures, related to commodities and freights, procedural experience in judicial review of customs acts, including the key points and procedures on the Excise and Tax Warehouses Act. We draft the documents required by the customs authorities for legal entities and persons in the release of goods and freights. Amongst the practice of the firm there is a number of won cases against customs authorities acts, related to customs sums.

Energy And Energy Resources

The Dimitrov and Partners lawyers are with profound expertise in the Energy and energy resources sector as well as in the work with concessions. We have worked with some of the biggest Bulgarian and foreign energy companies, and in the public procurement procedures in the sector.

Lawyers from the firm have taken part in various energy projects. Our attorneys have experience in litigation and court representation in defence to the investor interests in big infrastructure projects. Among our clients have been members of the Board of Directors and Executive Directors of Kozloduy NPP Plc. We have knowledge and experience in the administrative procedures for going out to the free electro energy market and the drafting of sales and supply contracts of electro energy, natural gas, the construction and incorporation of new energy facilities. Especially precious is the experience gained through the execution of projects for the electro energy production from renewable energy resources and through the preparation of alternative schemes for project financing.

The Firm has took part in the formation of a consortium between ŠKODA JS a.s. and EGP Invest, spot. s r.o., together with the preparation of the complete documentation for participation in a public procurement procedure, notified by the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste and funded by EBRD, with the subject of Treatment of wet solid wastes. It has consulted the transaction between CEZ JSC, Прага, and EVROMETAL Ltd. on the purchase of circulation pumps for a nuclear reactor. It has provided litigation services in cases related to NPP Kozloduy, as well as in procedures and disputes with The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission and Electricity System Operator EAD.

Investment. Construction

Through the years our lawyers have participated in some of the largest investment projects in Bulgaria. The Law firm has represented the interests of big Bulgarian and foreign corporations on projects, including infrastructure projects, financed by EU banks and funds.

In 2013-2015 Dimitrov and Partners Law Frm in its capacity of a partner of “Balkan Lex” Law Company won a public procurement financed by Operational Programme Environment 2007-2013 and became a consultant on a significant project, executed by Central Balkan National Park Directorate.

Our lawyers have consulted on various construction projects, including infrastructure objects, residential, office and commercial buildings. The Law Firm attorneys have drafted and consulted on contracts under FIDIC.

The Firm has provided legal consultancy with respect to a construction project for a drainage system in the Chirpan – Stara Zagora section of Trakia motorway financed through EU funds.

The Firm has provided litigation services to its clients with regard to the realization of a water power plant construction project, as well as it has consulted and drafted the contracts and the documentation related to the design and construction procedure for a wind power plant.

It has consulted the conclusion of subcontractor agreements in relation to the construction of Danube bridge 2 and the adjacent infrastructure – first part of the project, financed through EU funds.

Intellectual Property

Our lawyers provide legal services, related to the acquisition, usage and defence of intellectual property.

Our legal team has experience in the trade mark protection.

We draft for our clients license contracts, publishing contracts, translation contracts, publishing contracts for e-books, website development contracts.

Lawyers from the firm participate in negotiations for the preparation and entering into commercial deals and agreements with the subject of IP objects.

Criminal Law And Trials

The Dimitrov and Partners law team is in possession of significant experience in the field of Criminal Law and Criminal Trials. It was accumulated in their work as magistrates and as lawyers for years on criminal cases.

They have taken part in the causes célèbres in Bulgaria during the last 25 years. Their work in the area is often given expression in the press. Their enormous criminal law experience of the lawyers is related with bankruptcy of banks in 90-s of the last century, with cases against ministers, bankers, public persons, cases against foreigners in Bulgaria, extradition, criminal cases about privatization deals, tax and finance cases, medical errors.

The lawyers working in the sphere of criminal law and trials have experience as well in the legal protection of human rights and in procedures before the EU Court of Human Rights.

Civil Litigation, Administrative And Tax Procedures

Our lawyers provide to the clients adequate legal solutions for each individual case. The Dimitrov and Partners lawyers are with experience of long standing in the area of legal representation of clients – both legal entities and natural persons.

The serious experience of our legal practitioners in civil litigation enables us to prepare contracts and agreements, which can adequately protect their interest, if said agreements happen to be breached.

The Law Firm expertise in all public law branches makes it possible to successfully lead the court representation of our clients for the protection and defense of their rights and legal interests in administrative and tax cases initiated by them or against them.

Competition Protection

The team of Dimitrov and Partners Law Firm has lawyers with an experience of over 15 years in the field of competition law, and in particular in the analysis and assessment of concentrations between undertakings (mergers, acquisitions, formation of joint ventures, sale of an undertaking in whole or in part, etc.), in cases of abuse with dominant position, cartel agreements, concerted practices between undertakings, vertical restraints.

We have extensive expertise in the area of unfair competition, particularly in analyzing misleading advertising practices, harm caused to competitor’s honour and reputation, unfair attracting of consumers, imitation, and other unfair practices.

The lawyers in the Firm have in-depth knowledge in the public procurement award procedures specifics being a guarantee for free competition, including the appeal proceedings against the contracting authorities’ decisions, actions and omissions.

This significant experience has been gained through the work and career development of some of our lawyers at the Commission on Protection of Competition, but also through the law practice in the indicated areas.

Law Enforcement

Our law enforcement team is versed in the sphere and successfully works with private judicial enforcers throughout the country.

Our legal services in the area include: clients representation for the collection of their claims, including in the proceedings of obtaining executive warrant and writ of execution; representation during negotiations and signing of agreements; constituting and leading of executive cases; enforcement measures on real estates with mortgages; representation in cases, constituted on debtor complaints.

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