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Dimitrov and Partners Law Firm is registered in accordance with the Bar Act in 2011, having developed from Slavi Dimitrov’s successful practice at Dimitrov and Partners Law office since 1993. Its number with the Sofia Bar Association is 2700029610.

Through the years lawyers with vast experience obtained within the judicial system, the Commission on Protection of Competition and other law offices, have joined the team. The experience gained ensures deep knowledge of the fields of law and the regulations, thus we help our corporative clients in their business, as well as we meet the needs of each client.

There is also a specialist in English law in the team who is aware with the Anglo-Saxon legal system regulations in the area of corporations, financial law, contract law and property law, and that gives us an advantage in servicing clients from that region.
Dimitrov and Partners Law Firm concentrates in itself lawyers whose experience allows the clients to receive legal services from all law practice areas which they need, without being necessary to search for other law offices in certain areas.

The lawyers in the Firm have extensive experience in Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Commercial Law, Corporative and Business Law, Criminal Law, Financial law, Tax law, Property Law and Real Estate, Administrative Law and Litigation. They have worked on notable projects, requiring profound knowledge in the areas of: commercial and business deals, real estate, acquisitions and mergers, infrastructural projects, environment, urbanization, public procurements, migration and customs issues, criminal law and criminal procedural law, free movement of people, services and capital, customs union, energy and procedures before the EU Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
During the last 20 years the lawyers in the Firm took part as pegal representatives in a large number of causes célèbres. They were legal consultants in some of the biggest deals and investments in the country, as well as they advised the successful execution of projects, financed through EU funds.

The partners are directly engaged into the daily work of the Firm, which guarantees individual and unique service for each of our clients.
We take it on us to provide personalized, focused on the particular client’s needs service of high level consultation and legal representation in Bulgaria and internationally.

We strive to live up to our clients’ expectations and surpass them. For every case our first step is to figure out the individual needs and the various legal solutions, in order to guarantee the best possible outcome. We take the time to study the specifics of our clients’ businesses, the particularities in every issue, and thus we build profound working relationships with our clients.

When a specialist or outer aid is required in fields outside the area of Law, we work with external partners of similar views, who are experienced experts, in order to ensure the highest standard of integral legal service.

Dimitrov and Partners Law Firm has partnerships with lawyers, law offices and companies from Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, Australia and South Africa, as well as with a global network which includes lawyers and law offices from all continents.

The law office strives to offer legal service with relation to new technologies, energy resources, environment, and financial sector in case of acquisitions, mergers, company consolidation and investment in these sectors.

Our work is identified with the following three words: RESPOSIBILITY, RESPECT, RESULTS.

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